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Knowlysis delivers consulting services and supporting technologies to our clients, enabling them to effectively deliver knowledge resources to their employees and customers. We focus on technologies that improve the relationship of data – knowledge – business processes, empowering employees and customers with the information they need and expect.

Through our work with a diverse range of clients, we have learned that a "one size fits all" approach rarely produces successful outcomes. We recognize the value of an approach tailored to each company, and each project, that analyzes business metrics and links People – Process –Technology in a way that allows each company meet its specific goals.

We are prepared to fill in any gaps in the skill set of your existing project team or provide all the resources necessary to design and deploy a system that fulfills the needs for knowledge sharing. Our team collectively has decades of experience in delivery of successful outcomes to clients of all sizes and across many industries.


Knowledge. Delivered.

Knowlysis succeeds when our clients/partners succeed. We have had many unique experiences in providing winning custom solutions and improved business performance.

Case Study: AICPA


Online Publications Library

Knowlysis was selected to design, develop and deploy a web application for the subscription based delivery of Professional Literature content for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The Knowlysis solution included the full content lifecycle with rich content management and production workflow capabilities. One design challenge was to deliver a friendly UI presentation for a large volume of content to a diverse user community. Through extensive evaluation of the current state and gathering of feedback as a part of the design process, Knowlysis deployed a system that has received excellent reviews from AICPA subscribers.

content management, epublishing, ui design, application development

Case Study: Sunburst Shutters

Sunburst Shutters

Custom Web Application

Sunburst was in need of a scalable, custom web application that manages the complete process flow of a job order, from creation to completion, including measurement layout, production scheduling and physical production. Knowlysis successfully delivered the solution, having engaged in extensive requirements gathering and analysis throughout development and is also providing ongoing support.

application development

Case Study: USPTO


Knowlysis was awarded the contract to assist the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in reviewing potential COTS software solutions for the IPR.GOV student survey system. Once our recommendation was approved, Knowlysis implemented the survey software, set up the surveys and collected the assessment data. With the success of the survey system project, Knowlysis was selected to create a new user interface and back-end administration system for the site.

survey assessment, ui design, application development

Case Study: FAF


Governmental Accounting Research System

The Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) publishes large volumes of information around accounting and reporting standards. Knowlysis has successfully delivered content conversion solutions for the FAF including the GASB XML (DocBook), FASB XML (DocBook), and a content management system. Knowlysis has also implemented an authoring system for FAF's GASB XML content as well as the in-process FASB content in both desktop and mobile formats.

content management, epublishing, ui design, application development, Mobile

Case Study: Healthcare

Healthcare Association

Online Medical Coding

With both web application development capabilities and experience with medical coding data sets, Knowlysis was selected to design, develop, and deploy a web based platform for the subscription based delivery of medical coding information. The system also includes supporting literature for use by healthcare professionals, insurance, and billing specialists. Knowlysis services include ongoing support for the platform, data updates and product feature enhancements. Even in a very competitive marketplace, the user feedback has been very positive and subscription rates have continued to grow.

epublishing, application development

Case Study: BE Aerospace

BE Aerospace

Custom Application

As the leading manufacturer of aircraft interior products for jet aircraft, B/E Aerospace knew there was valuable information contained in their customer's flight logs. The information was not able to be made available, due to proprietary information within the logs. Knowlysis developed flight log content filter application to remove any sensitive data before sending the flight log content to BE Aerospace for quality control analysis. The application is also used by BE Aerospace's internal quality control department to remove all inapplicable content before it consumed by additional business intelligence processes.

application development, data migration, ui design

Case Study: AT&T

AT&T Wireless

High Volume Web Development

Knowlysis was selected to deploy a web based platform for the authoring and delivery of technical knowledge base articles and FAQs to AT&T's customers. Knowlysis services included consultation, architecture, design, development, and assistance with the final application deployment. The primary challenge of the application was the complexity of the knowledge base data, where answers are chosen for display based on several factors in the user's profile. Knowlysis architects worked with the AT&T Customer Experience team to create a simplified user experience that hides the complexity of the underlying data model, unobtrusively retrieving as much information as possible from the user to maximize information availability and user satisfaction.

web development

Case Study: Sprint


Custom Search Application

The business problem facing Sprint was to integrate the newly acquired Nextel business into the current Sprint B2B Marketing web presence. They had existing search capability that was not flexible or robust, and lacked the content indexing features they needed. Sprint selected Knowlysis to assess a number of out-of-the-box web search technologies that might meet their specific needs. Knowlysis created a number of content workflows for improved indexing of external information sources. In addition, customization of interface components delivered user profile specific hits based upon interests, previous searches, and hierarchical categories. User interaction and user specific login information drove an improved customer experience.

application development

Additional Customers

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Custom Solutions & Expert Resources

Knowlysis offers a variety of services, all focused on helping organizations address how best to share knowledge resources.

  • Knowledge Management
  • ePublishing
  • Content Management & Search
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Content Migration & Conversion
  • Health IT & Coding Solutions

We employ a variety of tecnologies and techniques to provide the best possible solution for the business needs of our clients.

  • Application Architecture
  • .NET, MVC, C#, MySQL
  • PHP, Java, ATG
  • Javascript/Jquery
  • UI/UX Design
  • CSS & HTML5
  • Mobile

We have assembled a talented group of professionals in all important resource areas.

  • Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Architect
  • UI Designer
  • Project Manager


Flexible information platforms

Knowlysis CPE

Through collaboration with a variety of organizations, Knowlysis has successfully led the effort to design, develop and deliver information delivery systems that meet the needs stated above. In this work, we have found commonality in many of the basic technical requirements of such a system. From this experience, we have created what we call our Core Publishing Engine (CPE).

The CPE allows Knowlysis to offer a much more cost effective solution with much faster time to market – overcoming two of the most significant business challenges to moving a project forward. The deployment can be on site or in a hosted environment.

Please see CPE Data Sheet for more information or contact us for a free demo. As a flexible platform, CPE can easily be customized to fit business needs and branding.

Knowlysis CPE

ICD-10 is coming. Are you prepared for this transition? Knowlysis can help! Codewalk is an online ICD-10 coding/readiness tool that brings greater ease to the task of finding the correct codes.

Codewalk is a coding reference application targeted specifically at ICD-10. The ICD-10 code set is broad in scope and the high degree of specificity makes the code set very deep. Codewalk delivers access to the ICD-10 code set in a quick, easy to use yet powerful user interface. Features include:

  • GEMs (General Equivalency Mappings between ICD-9 and ICD-10)
  • ICD-10-CM and PCS code set and guidelines
  • Data views that facilitate the comparison of documents, codes, and search results
  • Powerful search engine
  • Quickly find an ICD-10-PCS code with the ICD-10 PCS smart code builder

ICD-10 Readiness for the Clinician
In preparation for the transition to ICD-10 clinicians are focused on ICD-10 readiness. Codewalk supports ICD-10 readiness plans:

  • Building an understanding for the need for specificity in the medical record
    Clinicians will be required to submit reimbursement requests that are coded to the highest level of specificity supported by the medical record. Clinicians will be examining their frequently used ICD-9 codes and their ICD-10 equivalents to determine the impact in the level of specificity needed in the medical record and the increase of their coding vocabulary.
  • Learn ICD-10 Guidelines
    Codewalk includes the ICD-10 Guidelines content
  • Reference tool for ICD-10 coding exercises
    Codewalk provides support for ICD-10 training. Students can use Codewalk as a reference for completing coding exercises.

Please see our Codewalk demo video for more information or contact us for a free demo.



Knowlysis is headquartered in Orem, UT, in the heart of the dynamic technology environment of Utah County, south of Salt Lake City.

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